Varizen und KDK

Varizen und KDK Varizen und KDK

Varizen und KDK

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Varizen und KDK

The sensation of needing to urinate may temporarily decrease from operative trauma in the region Was ist die postoperative Thrombophlebitis the bladder, Varizen und KDK. The fear of pain may cause the patient to feel tense and have difficulty urinating The area over the bladder may feel rounder and slightly cooler than the rest of the abdomen.

The patient may tell you that he feels a sense of fullness and urgency If the first urine voided following surgery is less than 30 cc, notify the supervisor Inactivity and altered fluid and food intake during the perioperative period alter gastrointestinal activities. Nausea and vomiting may result from Varizen und KDK accumulation of stomach contents before peristalsis returns or from manipulation of organs during the surgical procedure if the patient had abdominal surgery Report your assessment to the supervisor, Varizen und KDK, and document in nursing notes A last measure http:medica-bavaria.


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