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Septic dural sinus thrombosis is an uncommon disease with only Thrombophlebitis dura hundred cases reported in the English medical literature during the antibiotic era. Since this disorder is rare, each clinician is likely to encounter only one or a few cases during his or her career. The combination of lack of familiarity and the myriad of potential symptoms and signs often leads to misinterpretation of the clinical manifestations. Delay in both diagnosis and treatment are the rule.

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Intracranial Complications of Suppurative Otitis Media and management thrombophlebitis Collection of pus against the dura of the middle or.

Clinical History 32 year old African American female presented with a complaint of headaches located in the temporal region, Thrombophlebitis dura. She also complained of loss of peripheral vision in her right eye. She admitted to vertigo but no weakness, Thrombophlebitis dura, fever, neck stiffness or ataxia.

She denied any change in intensity of headache with change in position. The remainder of her history was unremarkable. Findings Axial T1 weighted image of the brain demonstrated a ring-like region of signal hyperintensity within the left posterior parietal lobe Figure 1. Axial T2 weighted image demonstrated a corresponding large area of heterogeneously increased signal within the left posterior parietal lobe Figure 2.

Thrombophlebitis dura T1 Figure 4A and axial T2 Figure 4B 1yr follow Thrombophlebitis dura images demonstrate much smaller areas of probable encephalomalacia and ring-like chronic hemorrhage hemosiderin deposition within the left posterior parietal lobe.

The most frequent predisposing factors for DVT are genetic and acquired prothrombotic states, such as pregnancy especially the third trimester and the puerperinum period. Infection and the use of oral contraceptives are other predisposing factors 5. During pregnancy, there are changes to fibrinogen, Thrombophlebitis dura, and clotting factors levels that constitute a relatively hypercoagulable state 3. An Thrombophlebitis dura cerebral vein causes a backup of pressure and bland ischemic infarctions with or without subsequent hemorrhage 2.

The resultant increased pressure from the thrombosed sinus especially Superior and Lateral Sagittal Sinuses blocks circulation and absorption of cerebral spinal fluid CSF causing intracranial hypertension 5. Venous infarcts are more commonly hemorrhagic, tend to have a non-arterial distribution, and their Thrombophlebitis dura is usually located in a major dural sinus 7.

In fact, the superior sagittal and transverse sinus thrombi are the most commonly occurring Thrombophlebitis dura thrombi. The signs and symptoms of dural sinus thrombosis are occasionally nonspecific and highly variable, making the clinical diagnosis difficult. Headache is the most common presenting symptom, and occasionally the only indicator. The diagnosis for postpartum headache Thrombophlebitis dura be categorized into those of primary cause or secondary cause.

Primary cause headaches include migraine, cluster and tension headaches. Secondary cause headaches may include: Because of the nonspecific manner in which dural neueste trophic Ulkusbehandlung thrombosis presents, it is important that MRI, MRA, and MRV neuroimaging be done on postpartum patients presenting with headache 6.

Treatment Elevated ICP can lead to secondary cerebral damage and special measures should be taken to normalize the pressure. Acetozolamide is the Thrombophlebitis dura of choice to reduce intracranial pressure.

External ventricular drainage and CSF shunts can be used but have associated increased risk of Thrombophlebitis dura 5. Patients with postpartum DVT, without any contraindications, should be treated with intravenous or subcutaneous body-weight adjusted low molecular weight heparin. Proper anticoagulation therapy is the main focus for treating DVT in the acute setting. It should include oral vitamin K antagonists administered for 3 months or continued for a lifetime depending on Übungen, die nicht mit Krampfadern sein kann underlying cause 8.

Special thanks to Pradumna Singh, M, Thrombophlebitis dura. Agnelli G, Verso M: Epidemiology of cerebral vein and sinus thrombosis. Front Neurol Neurosci 2F: Neurologic Diseases in Women 2nd ed, Peter W. Ciliberto C, Marx GF: Physiological changes associated with pregnancy. Update in Anaesthesia ; 9: Thrombosis of the cereberal veins and sinues. N Engl J Med ; Phillippidis A et all: Cerebral venous sinous thrombosis: Neurosurg FocusThrombophlebitis dura, 27 6.

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Intracranial Complications of Suppurative Otitis Media and management thrombophlebitis Collection of pus against the dura of the middle or.
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